Horror stories in movies and games

People’s fascination with horror stories extends beyond the realm of literature. Movies and games come with the added advantage of being able to convey visual and audio elements that heighten the horror element of a spooky plot, so it’s no wonder that the most popular horror novels are adapted for the screen.

Why do we come back for more?

What is it about horror that makes us want more of it? I’d say it’s got something to do with the fact that because people love to suspend their disbelief for some time, especially when it comes to the supernatural. Horror movies and games allow us to let our imagination run wild while knowing that we remain in a safe place – in the comfort of our own home or at the movie theatre. Therefore, with such art forms, our sense of fear is stimulated, but only to a certain extent, so that we actually find it entertaining.

Safe but scary

Horror movies have a way of fully immersing us on the action as a passive observer, whereas games allow us to be more involved. For the faint-hearted, horror slot games may be an alternative to video games, since spinning the reels against a chilling backdrop is not as scary as leading a character into a haunted place. Game providers have leveraged people’s love of horror plotlines and have come up with dozens of horror slot games online, amongst them vampire-themed slots and Halloween slots.

10 Dec 2019