Naval Hill in Bloemfontein, South Africa is mostly known for two things:

That it stood as a landmark for British Cavalry during the Anglo-Boer war.

2)   And that the Franklin Game Reserve, which is on top of Naval Hill, is currently the only nature 
reserve located in the middle of a city.

What a lot of people don’t know, except for the locals of Bloemfontein, is that Naval Hill has a very dark history.

Although lots of people visit the top of Naval Hill during the daytime, very few dare to do the same at night. Although information is scarce (Can't blame tourism for trying to cover it up), there are lots of reports of satanic cults kidnapping people and sacrificing them. It was actually reported that a large candle was found buried in the ground, made entirely out of human fat.

According to most people the satanic cult has either been captured or have moved on, and that Naval Hill is now safe, except of course for the normal South African criminals who still wonder the dirt roads at night.

I’ve had the privilege of going on a trip with Bloemfontein’s local ghosttours, and visited the site of all those horrific deaths.

It was about 11pm on a Saturday night when we drove up the road that curled like a serpent along the side of Naval Hill, not a vehicle in sight. There are a lot of side roads up there, so it's very easy to get lost.

We parked our cars and made our way to the abandoned buildings. The first thing I noticed was the massive cross which towered above the ruins, apparently erected to ward off the evil spirits or any more cults. In actual fact it is a communications tower illuminated as a large cross that can be seen by the entire city.

Behind the first building, which didn't look too bad, stood the ruin where people were dragged into and sacrificed. Apparently there was also a small coffin found where they’d place an assortment of body parts which they would dispose of at a later time. I can just imagine what the stone slab below was used for.

Locals have also visited the site to pray for the departed souls, others have painted their own crosses. If you carefully look up through the dilapidated roof you can see the cross looming overhead.

There have been ghost sightings reported (And I can just imagine how many tortured souls must be wondering about), but what most visitors to the ruin will tell you about is the sound of a man whispering for you to get out. Although I felt a lot of pain and sympathy for the victims as I stood inside those four walls, I didn’t hear the voice. Maybe next time.

The tree below is believed to be where they hung the animals from.

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All the best.