“Let it be said that the mind of Joe Mynhardt is an idea factory. This factory doesn’t product toys or furniture, cars or televisions. No, the factory inside the head of Mynhardt produces pure, unceasing, unadulterated horror. This is a man who writes nearly as much as he breathes, and that’s vividly apparent in his collection of short stories, Lost in the Dark.” – Sanitarium Magazine

Joe Mynhardt started his writing career at the end of 2008, and has enjoyed considerable success ever since. With 58 short story publications, he still has a tome of story, movie, comic and play ideas scraping for a chance to be written. His influences stretch from Edgar Allen Poe, Arthur Conan Doyle and H.P Lovecraft to Stephen King, John Connolly and Joe Hill.

Joe contributes to speculative fiction in more ways than his own fiction. He maintains a constant presence on several of the major horror writer’s forums as a contributor and adviser. He’s a moderator for a major writer’s group, Mywriterscircle.com and moonlights as an Assistant Submissions Manager at The South African Literary Journal, New Contrast. Joe is also the owner and operator of Crystal Lake Publishing, where he publishes horror short story collections and anthologies. All in all, like all horror writers should, he keeps his finger on the active pulse of current horror.

By day Joe is a primary-school teacher who enjoys reading, jogging, and collecting rare oddities. After matriculating in 1998, he moved to Bloemfontein, South Africa, where he received an honours degree in Education Leadership and Management.

Joe devotes himself to his wife, his work, and to feeding his two dogs. I’m sure if something happened, and he was incapacitated, he wouldn’t mind if his dogs ate him. After all, it would be a shame to let all that talent go to waste.


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A Writer's Timeline:

Doing mostly publishing these days, so you'll find me on the Crystal Lake Publishing website, or Facebook.

July 2014: Had the honor of interviewing Wes Craven, who played a very influential part in my love for horror.

April 2014: Published and edited Horror 101: The Way Forward. Had the privilege of working with horror legends such as Graham Masterton, Ramsey Campbell, Jack Ketchum, and Mort Castle.

January 2014: My Crystal Lake Publishing company won the Publisher of the Year award in the 2013 This Is Horror Awards.

December 2013: In the Shadow of the Golem is published in the Bestiarum Vocabulum anthology by Western Legends Press

November 2013: The Namib Times did a feature on me and Crystal Lake Publishing

November 2013: Co-opted onto the board of the Bloemfontein Writers Association, as well as won a trophy for being a multifaceted author.

October 2013: Fear the Reaper was published, the first of hopefully many anthologies edited by me.

September 2013: These Thin Walls published in Sanitarium Magazine, issue #13.

August 2013: Became an Associate member of the HWA.

June 2013: Edited Paul Kane's Sleeper(s) and Daniel I. Russell's Tricks, Mischief and Mayhem.

April 2013: Published an anthology, For the Night is Dark, through Crystal Lake Publishing

April 2013: Till Death published in For the Night is Dark. which is also my first anthology as publisher.

November 2012: Foxhole Sepulchre published in MWC charity anthology.

November 2012: Received my very first award as a writer.

November 2012: Michael and Our Tree republished in Bloemskryfsels.

October 2012: Covetous published in Morpheus Tales #18.

August 2012: My very first short story collection, Lost in the Dark goes on sale.

July 2012: Launched Crystal Lake Publishing.

July 2012: Zombie Mischief published by Midwest Literary Magazine.

May 2012: Haunted House Productions is turning my story Portico into a movie.

April 2012: The Rolling of the Hearse accepted by Twisted Dreams Magazine.

February 2012: The Dead Don't Sleep Here Anymore to Rymfire Books.

January 2012: Storm of the Departed published by Fear And Trembling Magazine.

January 2012: A Final Request published at Indigo Rising Magazine.

January 2012: Rise, Dead Man will be published in the Darker Minds anthology.

January 2012: The Nature of the Beast received an honorary mention at Allegory Magazine.

December 2011: Dark Minds anthology nominated for anthology of the year in the This is Horror Awards 2011.

December 2011: The Great Wall of Rubin sold to Short-Story.Me.

December 2011: By Any Means Necessary accepted by The South African Literary Journal, New Contrast.

November 2011: The Other Side of the River published at Danse Macabre.

October 2011: The Dead Don't Sleep Here Anymore published by Tales of The Zombie War.

October 2011: The Battle in Osroth sold to Silver Blade Magazine.

October 2011: Forever Nevermore published at Black Petals Magazine.

October 2011: Always Come Back accepted for Dark Moon Books: Frightmares Volume 1.

October 2011: Sold Our Tree to Fiction 365.

September 2011: Became an Assistant Submissions Editor at The South African Literary Journal, New Contrast.

September 2011: A Simple Certainty republished at B-Wasp.

September 2011: Memoirs of a ghost published at B-Wasp.

September 2011: A Mild Case of Possession included in Pill Hill Press's Daily Frights 2012 Anthology.

August 2011: Covetous accepted by Morpheus Tales.

August 2011: Food Fights published at Postcard Shorts.

July 2011: A Simple Certainty published by The New Flesh.

July 2011: Featured on WeeklyArtist.com

July 2011: Come All to the River of Death accepted by Twisted Dreams Magazine.

July 2011: Forgive me Now? published at Bewildering Stories.

June 2011: The Harrowing Tides accepted by Flashshot.

June 2011: Daddy's Little Boy published at The Fringe Magazine.

June 2011: Higher Learning republished at The Fringe Magazine.

June 2011: Love is Cruel is published at WeirdYear.

April 2011: My first online interview.

April 2011: The Stranger is published in the Spring Issue of Pages of Stories.

March 2011: My flash fiction story 'Daddy' will be republished by Pill Hill Press in their 366 Days of Flash Fiction 2012.

January 2011: 'No Man's Land' and 'Jaws of Integrity' republished at Machete Moonlight Horror Fiction Magazine.

 December 2010: 'Higher Learning' published at FlashesintheDark.

December 2010: 'No Man's Land' and 'The Devil Made Me Do It' published in MWC's 'Rascals of the Red Barren Bar' charity anthology.

November 2010: 'Jaws of Integrity' published in Pill Hill Press's 'Daily Bites of Flesh' anthology.

November 2010: 'Dark Minds' anthology containing my story 'Vengeance of Hades' goes on sale.

September 2010: 'Second Coming' accepted by Library of the living dead for a zombie anthology.

September 2010: 'The Rolling of the Hearse' published in Pill Hill Press's 'Rotting Minds' zombie anthology. 

May 2010: 'Wicked Damnation' published at Microhorror.

March 2010: 'The Last Hunt' published at FlashesintheDark.

February 2010: 'Michael' published at Ghastly Door.

January 2010: Became a global moderator on Mywriterscircle.com.

November 2009: 'Winter of our mixed content' anthology containing my story 'Home for the holidays' goes on sale at Lulu.com.

November 2009: Sold a filler to Reader's Digest.

July 2009: Sent my first story off for possible publication. 'Daddy' was published two days later.

November 2008: Started writing. If only I started when I was younger. Oh, well. Could've been worse.



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Contact me on Facebook or email me at joemynhardt@yahoo.com if you're interested in a signed copy of Lost in the Dark. 

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